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Gown & Bridal

Wedding Gown Preservation

When you choose Best Cleaners to care for your gown, you are choosing the only certified member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists (AWGS) in the Capital Region to clean, preserve and pack your Wedding Gown.

As a member of the AWGS, Best Cleaners is certified to ensure that your gown is cleaned according to museum-quality standards and stored in archival quality materials.

Preservation Process


Your gown will be carefully and completely inspected for damage and stains


Prior to cleaning, any major repairs will be completed by our expert seamstresses and tailors


Difficult stains will be hand treated before a gentle cleaning process

Re-inspection and finishing

A second inspection followed by steaming, pressing and finishing as appropriate to the gown


After a final inspection, our preservation experts will carefully fold your gown, placing acid-free tissue between each fold.  The gown will be placed in a preservation box thus preventing discoloration over time