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Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning

Best Cleaners strives to lead the industry in Environmentally responsible practices.  Through constant education and investment we have succeeded in developing management and technical processes that achieve a very good product that is safe for our families and environment.

We are the first and only dry cleaner in the Capital Region to be certified as green by both the Green Business Bureau and the non-profit Greener Cleaner Council.

Green Dry Cleaning

  • Best has never used any chlorinated solvents.  You would know these as Perc or Tetrachlor – these are the chemicals that are listed as probable carcinogens by the EPA.  Unfortunately,  these harmful chemicals are still in use at some dry-cleaners in the capital region.  Again, Best has never and will never use any chlorinated solvents

  • We use Hydrocarbon and SystemK4 solvents in 5th generation closed loop systems.

  • The systems at Best use bio-degradable cleaning solutions as well as wet-cleaning in addition to environmentally friendly cleaning agents that actually clean better than some traditional methods and other green solvents on the market today.

Energy Savings

We are proud to be among the first dry cleaners in the Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga Springs region to install cutting edge technologies that are helping to minimize our carbon footprint and increase efficiency.

  • Boilers were modernized with control systems that continually monitor and adjust to create the highest burn efficiency

  • Water heaters were eliminated by converting to heat exchangers that recover and reuse machinery exhaust to heat our water, and

  • All lighting was converted to environmentally friendly fixtures, including signage and internal lighting, which included the retro fitting of ballast, bulbs and fixtures.

Hanger Recycling

  • We’d like to thank you for helping us make our hanger recycling program a growing success!  We are currently reusing/recycling approximately 20% of our total annual hanger usage.

    Let us know that you want to be a part of this total awesomeness and we’ll provide you with a complimentary hanger storage box to bring us all your gently used hangers!!!